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Just Like Butta—Carrot Butta February 10, 2009

Filed under: The First Few Posts — shinypackages @ 3:30 pm


Don’t you just love walking by a Fruits & Passion and store and breathing in those intoxicating aromas? I’m sure you have your favourites in the store but here’s something new. Fruits & Passion has stepped into the carrot game. Carrots are all the rage these days as skin care gurus trumped the orange one’s antioxidant properties. Carrot Nourishing Butter is an ultra creamy concoction that doesn’t smell like carrots but it sure smells nice. The butter looks a lot like mango pudding and even comes with a little spreading stick (but your fingers will work just fine). There’s 12 per cent carrot oil, sunflower oil and shea butter so there’s no shortage of skin softeners. It’s a little slippery on the hands for daytime use but it’s a wonder everywhere else as our winter-weary bodies crave moisture. $22 at all Fruits & Passion stores.


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