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Free Love Messages February 12, 2009

Filed under: The First Few Posts — shinypackages @ 5:12 pm

I feel euphoric in your arms. When you’re gone, I ache for the moment that you will return. I dream of your kisses, for the memory of your lips is never far from my mind. Feed my temptation and tantalize me once more.

Whoa! somebody turn down the heat! This is just one example of the steamy messages you can send your lover (or lovers) on Valentine’s Day, courtesy of your friends at Taco Bell .Yes, I said Taco Bell. Here’s how it works. Visit and select your steamy setting then choose a video message, text, love letter or voicemail. Taco Bell has partnered with daytime soap writer Marina Alburger to create spicy, over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day greetings. The voicemails are delivered by a sexy Latin lover voice (male or female). Tons of fun and cheaper than dinner.taco-bell-logo


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