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Bare Naked Legs February 17, 2009

Filed under: The First Few Posts — shinypackages @ 11:27 pm

The other day I was wearing coulottes and boots. All was well when I was standing up, rather fetching actually. The problem surfaced when I sat down. Either the pants were too short, the boots too low or the legs too long, but at least two inches of my bare legs were exposed (no, I wasn’t wearing tights, that would have been far too much work). Of course this wouldn’t have been a problem if it were summer and my bean-brown legs were all supple from lotions and potions. Not so in the winter. Time for some help. The Venus Spa Breeze is the newest version of the 2-in-1 razor with built in shave gel bars (thank goodness) and a soothing white tea scent. About $10 for the two pack.venus-spa-breeze


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