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Air Fresher Extraordinaire March 3, 2009

Filed under: The First Few Posts — shinypackages @ 1:34 pm

Times have changed a lot since the days when the best thing we could do to improve indoor air was to race around the house will a can of way-too-smelly stuff. The days, the diffuser is all the rage and the folks at Fruits & Passion have come up with a winner. The kit comes with a chunky glass vase, bamboo sticks for diffusing and a bottle of home perfume, as they call it. The scent is a gentle bamboo hibiscus mix that won’t send you scurrying for an open window. Like all Fruits & Passion stuff, the packaging is almost more impressive than the product. The sturdy box is decorated inside and out with images of the star fragrances. At $48, this kit makes the perfect gift when you’re invited over for that lavish dinner party. $48 at Fruits & Passiondeco-epb


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