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Soothe The Snack Monster March 4, 2009

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Check the clock. It’s time for your afternoon snack. You could go for the family sized Snickers bar but a better choice would be PC Blue Menu Ginger and Lemon Cookies. The box holds five packets each with nine or 10 loonie-size cookies. Perfect for sharing. Better all to yourself. The lemon flavour comes through on the first bite, followed by a little hit of ginger. Yummy. And here’s the best news. The whole packet has only 100 calories and four grams of fat. Really, sharing isn’t an option. About $2 at Superstores and Loblaws.


Go For The Glow

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I’ve just returned from Mexico with a lovely sunkissed tan. However, it’s going to be a stretch of at least 10 weeks before any additional kind of tanning happens in this neck of the woods. My solution is Jergens Foaming Daily Moisturizer. This self tanner goes on easily, dries super fast and doesn’t have that yucky smell sometimes associated with products in this category. I love it. It helps fight the dreaded tan fade and keeps my skin moisturized through this home stretch of winter. About $10 at grocjng_sheer_foamingmed_tan300ery and drug stores