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The last time I had a make-up lesson, Duran Duran was hungry like the wolf and Prince was driving a little red corvette. Needless to say, I can use a little refresher course. The good folks at The Body Shop have come to my rescue with a step-by-step Webisode (I learned that new word today) featuring their new Roseflower Collection for spring.

The short video is hosted by Chase Aston, an international celebrity make-up artist with a delightful British accent that makes everything he says sound fabulous. The Roseflower Collection starts at $14 and includes eye colour, blush, lip shades and more.

TO WIN A $200 BASKET: Click on the link below (or paste it into your browser) to watch the video then drop me a short e-mail with the answer to this questions. Name one of Chase’s two ‘must-haves’ for spring make-up. Hint: He reveals his picks near the end of the video.

Send your answer to by Friday, March 13.



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