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SPRING CLEANING WEEK: Never Lose Suction March 23, 2009

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dc25-animalI finally bit the bullet and ordered a Dyson. It will arrive in a couple of weeks but I’m convinced it will be like no other vacuum I have ever owned. I’ve watched the You Tube videos. The fact that it will never lose suction is a big plus. I’ve been a sucker over the last 10 years, buying upright vacuums for $200 a piece that are now parked in the garage. I keep hoping someday they will miraculously start sucking again. This new DC25 Animal has the ball technology, you know, the neat feature where you can scoot around table legs without a collision and the subsequent swearing. The price of this model adds up to at least three of those suckless models in the garage. It’s time to buy big and be done with it. $699 at Sears, The Bay and Future Shop.

(Sorry, no prize pack on this baby. A new prize gets posted tomorrow.)


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