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WIN! Baby Days: Bébé from Fruits & Passion April 6, 2009


If you visit this blog regularly, you know I am a huge fan of Fruits & Passion so it’s no surprise that Bébé, their line of products for newborns, makes it into Baby Days.

Before we get to Bébé, remember that in true Shinypackages style, we’ll be giving away a couple of a prize packs featuring most of the product we review at the end of it all. Prizes are still rolling in so we’re not quite sure of what you might win (probably lots of stuff!).

Bébé smells like a baby. I opened the bottle of Delicate Baby Bouquet (yes, the one you’ll be winning) and I had a nearly uncontrollable urge to wrap my 10-year-old son on a receiving blanket and rock him to sleep. Delicate Baby Bouquet is baby’s first fragrance, just in case baby doesn’t smell sweet enough on any given day. It smells like baby powder and a tall icy glass of lemonade. I’m not sure if it’s allowed or not but I just might adopt this as my own fragrance (Gee Shel, you smell as fresh as a baby!)

The Bébé line is free of alcohol, parabens and colourants, as it should be. And like all Fruits & Passion products, the packaging is pretty as can be. Makes a super baby shower gift.

A selection of Bébé products is part of our Baby Days prize pack. If you win, you’ll get Delicate Baby Bouquet, $30, Ultra Gentle Cleansing Foam, $18, Oatmeal Bath Milk, $20 and Massage Oil, $20.



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