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WIN! Baby Days: The Black Book of Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets April 7, 2009

blackbookofpregnancysecretsWe start off the day with another fine book from Penguin Group Canada. This comes a little too late for me. I went through pregnancy wearing a red and black bush jacket (a la Bob and Doug MacKenzie) and visiting Super Boys for chili cheeseburgers a little too often. If only I would have known, like Nicole Ritchie does, that a pair of fake eyelashes will make any new mom feel special. She keeps a pair on hand when she feels alike adding a little glamour to her day.

The book has diet, beauty and life tips from Hollywood mothers such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Katie Holmes and Brooke Shields. Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts also chime in with secrets to feeling great and looking like (what else) a movie star during your glorious nine months. Even if you’re parked on the couch, unable to move because you’ve gained 63 pounds and you no longer have ankles, reading this book will be entertaining if nothing else.


NOTE: If you have already entered your name for the Baby Days prize packs, no need to enter again. All names will go into the pot for the draws at the end of day Wednesday.


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