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Dyson: The Review April 10, 2009

Filed under: Consumer Goods — shinypackages @ 12:05 pm

dc25-animaldc25-animalThe highly-anticipated arrival of my Dyson vacuum has finally come to pass. I paraded it out of my office building yesterday to the oohs and aahs from people on the street. I’m pretty sure I heard someone mutter ‘creme de la creme’.

Assembly: I’ve heard that Dysons go together so easily that you can use the instructions to start a campfire. It’s true. My 10-year-old son Clark had the thing snapped together while I was in digging through the junk drawer looking for a screwdriver (not needed). I’ll be using the instructions to start that fire at the cottage this weekend.

Usage: Can you image three people fighting over who gets to use the vacuum? The fun is in the ball that lets the unit move around like you’re driving a Harley. “Hey, look how close I can get to the doorway!” I have the DC25. With a push of the button, you can use it on hard floors including the tiles in the bathroom. You should see this thing corner around the toilet!

It Sucks: We vacuumed our two storey house and emptied the canister five times. Really, sort of disgusting if you think about it especially since the girls (Molly Maid) come to visit once a month and do a spectacular job of cleaning up the joint. The Dyson sucks up goodness-knows-what and leaves the carpets plump and cushy. There’s no comparison with any other vacuum I have owned, including Jaws, but that’s another story.

Blockages: While I was Dysoning the bathroom, I decided to make a pass over the bath mat. It’s one of those shaggy numbers. Note to new Dyson user: do not drive over shaggy bath mats! The vacuum ripped a bunch of the loops that instantly became tangled in the beater bar. That bar spins so fast that it makes my head spin. Luckily, Clark quickly came to the rescue (he read the instructions about blockages) and showed me how to take it apart (one turn of a simple locking device). As I was uncoiling the shaggy yarn, I also discovered the Dyson had captured the equivalent of a full head of my hair (sorry, icky) as well as about 40 yards of 10 lb test fishing line.

The Verdict: Bite the bullet, spend the $600 and get yourself a vacuum that won’t frustrate the hell outta you. The downside is that you might have some family arguments about who gets to do the vacuuming. Small price to pay.

Order your Dyson online at Costco also have a couple of models in stock. Take your pick from canisters or uprights. Prices range from $500 to $650.


3 Responses to “Dyson: The Review”

  1. Brenda Says:

    This is too too funny. I have never seen anyone get so excited about a vacuum before but you sure make me want to try it out. Be over soon………………..

  2. Penny Says:

    I’ve never wished I had more carpet in my house until now. How does it work on hardwood? Kinda defeats the purpose at that point I imagine.

  3. shinypackages Says:

    Penny: It works wonders on hardwoods and laminates. I tried it out at work where we have 750 sq ft of hardwood. It was sucking up dust bunnies from a foot away! There’s a button next to the on/off that stops the beater bar and makes it work on hard surfaces.

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