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Mom’s Day: KitchenAid Pink Toaster May 5, 2009

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pink_toasterYou’ve had a rotten sleep. You’re facing a long, long week of work. Your youngest is probably coming down with another ear infection. Things are looking pretty bleak. Then you walk into your kitchen, see you sparkling pink KitchenAid toaster and a smile breaks out across your face. How could you not smile when you see that cheery appliance?

So put this toaster in your list for Mom’s Day (even if, technically, it is an appliance and we know that’s a no-no in the gift department). The news gets even better. The toaster sells for $59.99 and $10 goes to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF). Maybe someone will use this handy gadget to make you breakfast in bed.

$59.99 at The Bay


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