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New Dishes for Summer Dining May 13, 2009

Filed under: Consumer Goods — shinypackages @ 4:42 pm

HS-4DIt’s been a long, cold winter. Time to take it outside!

I love flipping thought spring magazines and seeing all those perfectly set tables. You know the ones I am talking about—an impossibly long oak table, draped with crisp cotton, blowing effortlessly in the wind, 100 tea lights illuminating the path to the after-sunset dinner party. And how about those good looking and well dressed friends!

My reality isn’t quite like that. We have a nice table in the verandah but tea lights would be a fire hazard for the kids (and some adults too). Still, I like to dress it up when I can and this year it will be easy thanks to all the new melamine dishes on the market.

The ones above are from Winners and Homesense and start at $1.99 each. I also have my eye on a blue and taupe floral collection from PC Home (Superstore and Loblaws) that come in at about the same price. I figure for around $50, I can have a table that looks just like the ones in the magazines. The only difference will be the ketchup blobs on the blue and taupe flowers on my new plates. And thank goodness for that.


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