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What Are Minerals? May 15, 2009

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Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF 25 5

Have you been hearing a lot about mineral make-up lately? Me too and I had no idea what it was until I did a little research. Here’s what The Body Shop has to say. They are among many companies that have launched mineral lines.

A mineral is a chemical compound, usually in crystal form, that has specific physical properties like being highly reflective, moisture-resistant, or highly-pigmented. Minerals you’ve probably heard of include amethyst, talc, copper and quartz.

I’ve been using the Nature’s Mineral foundation from The Body Shop and I’m impressed. It helps a great deal with oil absorption (I have oily skin) and I love the way it gives me an even tone, even though I will never have flawless skin.

Among other minerals, the foundation includes titanium dioxide  that helps protect skin form the sun. The SPF 25 in the foundation is currently the highest in the mineral make-up market.

The line includes foundation, colour for cheeks and eyes, bronzers and brushes.

Foundation, $25. Brush, $26. At The Body Shop


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