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Your New Fave Flave May 21, 2009

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08BJ_1000000Flvrs_EN3D_HRSummertime is an excuse to eat more ice cream. Of that, I am certain. I’m definitely a quality over quantity girl when it comes to the cold, sweet stuff. I’d rather splurge on 500 ml of high end ice cream than cart home 4 L of the cheap stuff. I was very pleased this week to sample the new Ben & Jerry’s flavours called If I Had 1,000,000 Flavours, and as you guessed, it’s a partnership with Canadian band Barenaked Ladies (based on its hit song, If I Had 1,000,000 Dollars). In fact, the band’s share of royalties goes to ABC Canada Literacy Foundation.

This is Ben & Jerry’s first ever Canadian flavour and I’m quite sure it will be a knock-it-outta-the-park success. It starts off a little like Rocky Road, but it’s a jacked up, blinged out, hopped up version with chocolate covered toffee, white chocolate chunks, choco-covered almonds and peanut butter cups, and not just little bits of peanut butter cups. Big ones! It has everything I love about ice cream, which is lots of things in the ice cream and not so much ice cream itself.

My 11-year old has nearly polished off the pint. His only comment, between spoonfuls, was, ‘they should add bubblegum to this”. After all, he is 11.

Around $7 for the 500 ml tub


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