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Swanky 60s Dress for $29 June 5, 2009

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WU09DR3222I have a confession to make. When I first saw this dress, I couldn’t help but think of my Baba’s curtains and an age-old fabric called Crimpoline. Still, I was intrigued by the cut of it and went to the store to try it on, just for kicks.

Well, call me busted. I bought the dress. The fit was fantastic. I love the seam above the bustline that hides everything that should be hidden (a little roll at the waist, a little flare in the saddlebags).

The dress has enough structure to maintain its shape, which is a good thing. There’s a side zipper under the armhole that makes it easy to get in to. We’ve all had that moment of panic is the dressing room when you get the dress over your shoulders then get stuck.

And best of it, it has pockets! Yes, two discreet side seam pockets that can hold your cellphone and a $20 bill.

I figure I can grab a pair of extra large white sunglasses and a floppy day-at-the-races hat and look a little bit like Jackie O. Or I can wear it over some navy blue tights and look a little bit like, well, me.

My point here, of course, is try things on. You might be surprised at how fabulous you look.

$29 at Superstore and Loblaws


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