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FIT IN 15: Day 6 June 23, 2009

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That’s the topic of today’s blog post. Last night was another gorgeous evening in Winnipeg so a family walk was in order. Actually, the boys rode bikes and I walked, but we all met up at St. John’s Park, a lush, historic swatch of green snugged up against the mighty Red River.

North of the park, a handful of anglers watched the tips of their rods, outfitted will bells, hoping a nasty catfish would take hold. Inside the park, dads pushed their little girls even higher on the swing set amid shrieks that begged both ‘higher’ and ‘stop’. At the south end of the park, strategy played out on the bowling green as seniors plotted their next toss.

Thank goodness for these city green spaces, I say.

The trails that run through St. John’s Park are part of a larger circuit called the TransCanada Trail. You can find out more about it at I’m pretty sure your city has a network of trails too. Go explore!



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