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FIT IN 15: Day 7 June 24, 2009

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That’s the topic of today’s blog post. I’m saying it for all to hear—chores count as exercise! Some people are of the mind that you have to stop everything, lace on your best sneakers, fill your water bottle, find your MP3 player and then start your exercise. That’s all well and good if you have the time, but if you don’t, I suggest killing two birds with one stone. Combine chores and exercise.

Yesterday, for example, I had to take my screaming yellow Aztek to the day spa for some TLC. It’s a fair hike from the repair shop to my office but I made sure to wear sensible shoes on this day. My early morning walk through downtown Winnipeg showed me all the new shops and cafes that had opened up over the last year or so. It made the 25 minutes fly by. And just to show I am really committed, I walked back to the repair shop at the end of the day to get my wheels.

So if you have chores to do, make them a little tougher and get your exercise. Make those three trips up and down the stairs with full laundry baskets one right after the other. Do some yoga in the kitchen while your dishes are soaking. Use those garbage bags are dumbbells on the way to the trash bins. I don’t suggest running on the spot while you’re waiting in line at the ATM, but I have seen it done.



2 Responses to “FIT IN 15: Day 7”

  1. Claudine Says:

    I danced around the house like an epileptic on meth (I stole that line from the latest episode of True Blood, btw) while my 14-year-old daughter ignored my routine and prayed she was adopted.

  2. Christy Says:

    I can give you the last 3 days – work, work, work – between getting ready to go camping this week, setting up a run chord for Palani, running my husband to several Canadian Tire stores and going to a wedding I don’t think I stopped all weekend even though the weather was awful!

    I can say though that I had a lot of fun with my hubby – he’s a great guy!!

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