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images-1images-2WIN: 1 of 3 PRIZE PACKS CONSISTING OF:

TRUblend Microminerals Bronzer and Blush, LashBlast Luxe, Outlast Lipsatin, Wetslicks Amazemint Lipgloss

HOW TO WIN: Send me a DM ( letting me know who is featured in the CoverGirl campaign for these products:

TRUblend Microminerals Bronzer and Blush and LashBlast Luxe

HINT: She starred in E.T.

HINT: She likes to show her assets to David Letterman.

HINT: Learn more about her at

GOOD LUCK! Contest ends at 5 pm Winnipeg time today.


WIN! Curel Yoga Kit

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CurelGrpOfferin…L_300dpiSMLI’m a little slow when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon. I admit this so you’ll understand when I say that I’ve just recently discovered yoga. Hey, why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner? Yoga is awesome!

Our friends at Curel have put together this yoga starter kit that’s perfect for folks like me who have just discovered this new (but very old) form of exercise.

The kit is valued at $150 and includes two bottles of Curel lotion, a product that is one of the best body moisturizers out there. It’s a hardworking lotion that lasts long, has little fragrance and is a great value.

There’s a also a block of bamboo in the kit which has got me stumped. I’m sure yoga people know exactly what it is but I don’t. Oh well, a little mystery is a good thing sometimes.

WIN THE CUREL YOGA KIT! Simply post a comment about your favourite summer beauty product or secret tip. ENTER NOW!


WIN! Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly July 30, 2009

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TMS CollectionI’m a sucker for a shampoo that smells fantastic when I start lathering it up. It helps to pluck me out of my morning stupor and get me energized for the day. I have to say that Herbal Essences has the best-smelling selection of shampoos on the market. My fave, at least for fragrance is Hello Hydration because it’s infused with coconut milk. Of course it did nothing for my fine, limp hair, but boy did it smell great!

The newest kid on the Herbal Essences block is Tousle  Me Softly. There’s shampoo, conditioner, mouse, spray gel, hairspray and finishing cream, all to be used to create that imperfect tousled look—kind of like you just crawled out of your sleeping bag, only sexier.

To find out which Herbal Essences products are best for your hair, visit

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WIN! ck one summer 2009 July 29, 2009

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ck one summer w…n for email

It was 1994 when Calvin Klein introduced us to a new concept in personal fragrance—the unisex brand. It was called ck one and it’s still one of the hottest sellers in the market.

I didn’t know until recently that the ck one fragrance line introduces a limited edition summer fragrance that changes each year, helping to keep the brand as fresh as the scent itself.

ck one summer 2009 is a aromatic aquatic fragrance for women and men. Top notes are mint, cucumber, lime and bergamot; middle notes are sea water, green apple, rosemary and lotus; base notes are rum, sandalwood, woodsy notes and oakmoss.

Most of the reviews say this scent ends up being very woodsy on the skin. I found it to be fresh, floral and watery, but I didn’t wait for the dry down so that could make a difference. Remember that it’s a unisex scent so being woodsy isn’t a bad thing.

Here’s a sneak peak for next year: For 2010, it’s all about a return to nature so the brand is moving away from the polish of the swimming pool in 2009 to the freedom of the ocean.

WIN CK ONE SUMMER 2009! Simply post a comment about your favourite summer beauty product or secret tip. ENTER NOW!


ENTER TO WIN! And Use Suncreen! July 28, 2009

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DailyFacialSPF50_cartonAm I starting to sound like your mother when I harp about using facial sunscreen? Probably. But I make no apology. I’m convinced that the most effective thing you can do to look old before your time is to get too much sun on your face.

So use a facial suncreen, like this one from Cetaphil. It’s non comedognic (won’t clog), non greasy, fragrance free and non irritating. What more could you ask for? Plus it’s got a mighty SPF of 50.

We’ll all spent one too many days on the beach with Crisco on our faces (okay maybe that was just me). It’s time for a big block. Here are some tips on finding a sunscreen that works for you.

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SUMMER BEAUTY: Pantene Nature Fusion July 27, 2009

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NF Shampoo Moisture Balance

Pantene has lots of products in its hair care family and all of them are good. The latest line is called Nature Fusion and it uses the power of cassia essence to help give your hair strength and natural shine.

So what is cassia? Native to India, cassia is a wild herb and grows to be about three feet tall. This plant has small, pale yellow flowers and is known for its aromatic bark. It’s the seed that’s used in this line.

Nature Fusion claims to help make fragile hair stronger in just 14 days. It seemed to work. I didn’t have quite as many alfalfa sprouts (due to breakage) on the crown of my head as I usually do. Moreover, I loved the way this shampoo smelled, probably because it contains lots of yummy things like avocado oil, bamboo and grape seed extracts.

There are two product lines within this line: Smooth Vitality and Moisture Balance. There’s also a Smoothing Crème helps fight humidity and calms frizz.

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collageThe prizes are filling my office for THE SUMMER BEAUTY CONTEST! Here’s what you need to know to win the great prizes pictured above and more.

Contest Dates: July 27 to 31

How to Win: Visit shinypackages daily to learn about fabulous summer beauty products. Post a comment letting us know about your favourite product for summer. Or, if you feel like it, share your best summer beauty tip.

Winners: There are 3 PRIZE PACKS to be awarded. They are all a little bit different as far as the items they contain, but they’re all great. Some of the items included are a Curel yoga prize pack, ck one summer fragrance, Pantene hair care products, Lancaster Deep Tan and a ton of stuff from CoverGirl.

See you Monday!


No Poke WonderBra! July 23, 2009

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WonderBra No Poke #7483Let’s talk about bra shopping. There it is. The collective groan from the audience. Let’s face it, whether you’re a stunt double for Twiggy or a dead ringer for Dolly, finding a bra that works can be a challenge.

I’ve been wearing the same bra for two years. Okay, not THE same bra, but the same make and model. I love it, but it does have a nasty habit of releasing its underwire at a spot somewhere around the dead centre of my heart and giving me a wake-up stab. Ouch. I hate poke through.

WonderBra to the rescue! This age-old bra brand has introduced a line called No Poke. How clever. No Poke Wires are spring tipped and wrapped in four layers of fabric. No Poke Side Stays are made of ultra flexible whalebone and also wrapped in fabric.

I’ve been wearing the #7483 (pictured here, and sure, that’s me in the photo, maybe) for a month and it’s a thing of beauty. I’ve released the fear of being stabbed in the heart and this bra give me fantastic uplift and support.

The WonderBra No Poke bras start at size B34 and range up to DD42. There’s even a plus size style. They can be found at Sears, The Bay and specialty bra stores. Starting at $38.



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Stay tuned for our SUMMER BEAUTY CONTEST beginning July 27. There are three fabulous prize packages all just waiting to be won. All you have to do is tell shinypackages about your favourite beauty product, secret or routine. Watch for details coming next week and get ready to WIN WIN WIN!


Bio-Oil For Bio-Beautiful Skin July 15, 2009

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Bio-Oil Pack and BottleHere’s the most interesting fact I found in the press kit for Bio-Oil. This product contains something called PurCellin Oil. It’s an exact laboratory copy of the oil that ducks secret while preening their feathers to maintain sheen and suppleness. Funny, I have the same results when I use it on my skin!

This made-in-South Africa product quickly became a best seller when it came to Canada last year. Its best feature is that it helps improve the appearance of scars and can even ward off stretch marks. If you’re pregnant, I strongly suggest using Bio-Oil or any other product to help your skin stretch. I used a Body Shop cocoa butter stick on my gigantic belly and I’m convinced it as solely responsible for my still smooth tummy.

I ‘ve been using Bio-Oil as a summer moisturizer and I love how it works. It has this subtle fragrance that reminds me of something slightly cinnamony. Although it has ‘oil’ in the name, it isn’t greasy. It soaks in quickly and leaves my skin supple and soft, just like those duck feathers.

Bio-Oil is at most major drug stores and mass retailers. I found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart.

60 ml, $12.99 and 125 ml for $21.99