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July 10, 2009

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Glass With Pomegranate SachetSummer is a time for iced tea. I’ve moved beyond the powdered variety and I like to brew my own—when I have time. But most of the time, I have no time. That’s where the new Tetley Infusions come in.

These are little sachets filled with concentrated liquid tea and sweetened with fruit juice. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and instantly dissolve in cold water for the refreshing taste and goodness of real-brewed, naturally sweetened tea. Add lots of ice cubes, a slice of lemon and it looks and tastes like something that’ll cost you $4.50 at a restaurant.

I like my iced tea watered down so I use double the amount of water recommended. Tetley Infusions come in four flavours: Green Tea, Green Tea with Pomegranate, Classic Tea with Mediterranean Lemon and White Tea with Blueberry. I’m partial to the Green Tea.

A box of six 30 ml sachets sells for around $4 at most grocery stores across Canada.


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