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Bio-Oil For Bio-Beautiful Skin July 15, 2009

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Bio-Oil Pack and BottleHere’s the most interesting fact I found in the press kit for Bio-Oil. This product contains something called PurCellin Oil. It’s an exact laboratory copy of the oil that ducks secret while preening their feathers to maintain sheen and suppleness. Funny, I have the same results when I use it on my skin!

This made-in-South Africa product quickly became a best seller when it came to Canada last year. Its best feature is that it helps improve the appearance of scars and can even ward off stretch marks. If you’re pregnant, I strongly suggest using Bio-Oil or any other product to help your skin stretch. I used a Body Shop cocoa butter stick on my gigantic belly and I’m convinced it as solely responsible for my still smooth tummy.

I ‘ve been using Bio-Oil as a summer moisturizer and I love how it works. It has this subtle fragrance that reminds me of something slightly cinnamony. Although it has ‘oil’ in the name, it isn’t greasy. It soaks in quickly and leaves my skin supple and soft, just like those duck feathers.

Bio-Oil is at most major drug stores and mass retailers. I found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart.

60 ml, $12.99 and 125 ml for $21.99


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