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SUMMER BEAUTY: Pantene Nature Fusion July 27, 2009

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NF Shampoo Moisture Balance

Pantene has lots of products in its hair care family and all of them are good. The latest line is called Nature Fusion and it uses the power of cassia essence to help give your hair strength and natural shine.

So what is cassia? Native to India, cassia is a wild herb and grows to be about three feet tall. This plant has small, pale yellow flowers and is known for its aromatic bark. It’s the seed that’s used in this line.

Nature Fusion claims to help make fragile hair stronger in just 14 days. It seemed to work. I didn’t have quite as many alfalfa sprouts (due to breakage) on the crown of my head as I usually do. Moreover, I loved the way this shampoo smelled, probably because it contains lots of yummy things like avocado oil, bamboo and grape seed extracts.

There are two product lines within this line: Smooth Vitality and Moisture Balance. There’s also a Smoothing Crème helps fight humidity and calms frizz.

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