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ENTER TO WIN! And Use Suncreen! July 28, 2009

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DailyFacialSPF50_cartonAm I starting to sound like your mother when I harp about using facial sunscreen? Probably. But I make no apology. I’m convinced that the most effective thing you can do to look old before your time is to get too much sun on your face.

So use a facial suncreen, like this one from Cetaphil. It’s non comedognic (won’t clog), non greasy, fragrance free and non irritating. What more could you ask for? Plus it’s got a mighty SPF of 50.

We’ll all spent one too many days on the beach with Crisco on our faces (okay maybe that was just me). It’s time for a big block. Here are some tips on finding a sunscreen that works for you.

GUESS WHAT? You can WIN this Cetaphil product and a lot more. There’s a Cetaphil prize pack worth $70 up for grabs. Simply post a comment about your favourite summer beauty product or secret tip. ENTER NOW!


3 Responses to “ENTER TO WIN! And Use Suncreen!”

  1. Leslie Says:

    ….long sleeves and a hat. I burn very easily and recently developed an allergy to the sun on my arms. I can’t use anything under 50spf so I just cover up (I sweat from it but it’s an equal trade when I think of the feeling of a burn). Thanks for the chance to win this great skin care package!

  2. Valerie Says:

    Favourite summer product: Life essentials after sun lotion

  3. Karen Godfrey Says:

    Nothing more important than sunscreen, especially on the face — my moisturizers already have it in them and if I know I am going to be outside I still put more on. I guess I have seen too many faces that have that leathery look to them in my past!!

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