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WIN! ck one summer 2009 July 29, 2009

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ck one summer w…n for email

It was 1994 when Calvin Klein introduced us to a new concept in personal fragrance—the unisex brand. It was called ck one and it’s still one of the hottest sellers in the market.

I didn’t know until recently that the ck one fragrance line introduces a limited edition summer fragrance that changes each year, helping to keep the brand as fresh as the scent itself.

ck one summer 2009 is a aromatic aquatic fragrance for women and men. Top notes are mint, cucumber, lime and bergamot; middle notes are sea water, green apple, rosemary and lotus; base notes are rum, sandalwood, woodsy notes and oakmoss.

Most of the reviews say this scent ends up being very woodsy on the skin. I found it to be fresh, floral and watery, but I didn’t wait for the dry down so that could make a difference. Remember that it’s a unisex scent so being woodsy isn’t a bad thing.

Here’s a sneak peak for next year: For 2010, it’s all about a return to nature so the brand is moving away from the polish of the swimming pool in 2009 to the freedom of the ocean.

WIN CK ONE SUMMER 2009! Simply post a comment about your favourite summer beauty product or secret tip. ENTER NOW!


4 Responses to “WIN! ck one summer 2009”

  1. Claudine Says:

    I love products that allow me to imagine they are monogramed with my initials (CK works with my maiden name). Now I pretend Cover Girl products are all stamped CG just for me.
    My summer beauty tip is to enjoy local produce – I’m positive local berries and vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins and more to result in a healthy glow! Delicious, too.

  2. Valerie Says:

    Favourite summer product: Life essentials after sun get

  3. denise Says:

    I love CK but had no idea they had a summer scent! Please tell me it smells like laundry on the line!

    My favorite summer product is Minute Maid Berry Fruit Punch. Combined with a cheap red wine, a splash of 7up and a ton of cut up fruit; you’ve got the easiest ‘poor man’s’ sangria recipe, but still my favorite of all time!

    Thanks for posting your contests, keep it up! D.

  4. Leslie Says:

    Love the poor man’s sangria tip! I love a nice cool jug of fresh-made iced tea with lots of cut up lemons in it! Let it steep all day and add tonnes of ice…yummmm!

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