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WIN! Curel Yoga Kit July 31, 2009

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CurelGrpOfferin…L_300dpiSMLI’m a little slow when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon. I admit this so you’ll understand when I say that I’ve just recently discovered yoga. Hey, why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner? Yoga is awesome!

Our friends at Curel have put together this yoga starter kit that’s perfect for folks like me who have just discovered this new (but very old) form of exercise.

The kit is valued at $150 and includes two bottles of Curel lotion, a product that is one of the best body moisturizers out there. It’s a hardworking lotion that lasts long, has little fragrance and is a great value.

There’s a also a block of bamboo in the kit which has got me stumped. I’m sure yoga people know exactly what it is but I don’t. Oh well, a little mystery is a good thing sometimes.

WIN THE CUREL YOGA KIT! Simply post a comment about your favourite summer beauty product or secret tip. ENTER NOW!


6 Responses to “WIN! Curel Yoga Kit”

  1. Claudine Says:

    I’m not a yoga person, but I think the block is to help people achieve poses that might otherwise be impossible or painful – if you have tight hamstrings, for example. There’s still a lot of mystery left to discover via yoga. Like a secret mantra…

  2. Karen Godfrey Says:

    I too have been a little slow getting on the yoga bandwagon, but would not be opposed to starting. It’s never too late right?
    The bamboo block has my curiousity – I have no clue what that would be for!!

  3. Julia Goolia Says:

    I LOVE yoga… I do Yoga Zone in my living room. Best DVD set for beginners.
    Anyway, my ‘secret’ beauty tip, especially for summers like these (blech) is to use Neutrogena’s Build-a-Tan on my assorted body parts, and Jergens’ Natural Glow FACE daily moisturizer. Both have a slow build up of tint and neither comes off orange.

  4. Leslie Says:

    I’d love to try yoga and what a delightful package to get started on my way! As for my summer beauty tip…hmmm…light-weight cotton or hemp clothing!

  5. Alison Says:

    Ohh yoga kit!! My summer beauty tip is to use a bronzer on your neck, chest and a bit on you shoulders if you don’t have the naturally capacity to tan. Makes you look a little less like casper and a lot more sunkissed, you dont have to worry about streaks like with sunless tanners and you can wear sunscreen under to help prevent a burn.

  6. randalf Says:

    Thanks for putting me to this kit. excellent on. summer beauty tip is to keep the water hydrated , drink lots of water. this will do the trick

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