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Fekkai Dry Shampoo: My New Best Friend August 26, 2009

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fekkaiDo you remember a product called Psssssst? (You would have to be of a certain vintage, like over 45.) We have a book at the office called All American Ads from the 70s. The headline and copy for Psssssst! went something like this “How fast can you shampoo with Psssssst? Psssssst! is a funny white mist. You spray it on, fluff your hair, wait a few minutes, then brush it out, taking the oil and dirt with it.” Basically, it was the first dry shampoo on the market.

We’ve come a long way baby. The newest kid on the dry shampoo block is Fekkai Au Naturel Powder Clean Dry Shampoo and well, it has changed my life.

I have oily hair. Okay, I have really oily hair. A day without shampoo is equivalent to dunking my head in a deep fryer. Recently, I went on a three-day excursion in the wilds of Canada. No power or running water. No Twitter. No place to wash my hair, unless I wanted to use the lake and well, that would just be too much like work. So I put the Fekkai dry shampoo to the test. The rest of me might have been disheveled and not-so-baby-powder fresh but my hair was spectacular!

This product uses natural cotton fibres, corn and rice starch to absorb oils. It’s fragrance free and contains no nasties like sulfates, parabens or dyes. Plus I found that the natural fibres really gave my hear some body. Bonus!

Keep the shower and pass the Fekkai please.

About $27 at Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart


A Light Kiss for Summer August 11, 2009

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Light Kiss Jar- OpenWhenever I see the brand Nivea, I think of my old pal Susan. Her family came from solid British stock so they seemed to know about the finer things in life.

When her house was empty, Susan and I would sneak into her mom’s cosmetic stash and slather our 9 year-old faces with Nivea Milk. Oh, we looked like movie stars getting ready for a big photo shoot!

Like most brands, Nivea has extended its product line. I recently discovered Nivea Lip Care Light Kiss. It’s extra light texture is perfect for these hot and sometimes sticky August days. No waxy film, no fragrance to speak of. It’s packed with almond oil and lotus extract to absorb quickly, soothe and soften those wind-blown lips. Add a pot to your purse today.

$3.49 at all major drug and department stores