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A New Flavour: Pink Peppercorn & Anise October 22, 2009

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dishdetergentI’m a huge fan of Fruits & Passion products. It seems they come out with the most unexpected and unique fragrance combinations for their products. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of this new one—pink peppercorn and anise—in the Cucina line.

The scent is not for everyone. I’m a fan of both pepper and licorice fragrances so I took to this rather easily. It’s a radical change from the sweet, citrusy or flowery scents you may be used to in dish detergents, hand soaps and lotions.

This concentrated dish detergent (pictured here) contains cleaning agents derived from coconut oil and cornstarch instead of petroleum ingredients that are often used in conventional products. You can get a refill to help prolong the life of your original bottle and reduce waste. A 1 litre refill is equivalent to two original bottles.

$9 at Fruits & Passion

The dish detgergent, and many other Cucina products, are available in 7 fragrances: Coriander and Olive Tree, Fig and Savory Flower, Ginger and Sicilian Lemon, Lime Zest and Cypress, Pink Pepper and Anise, Sanguinelli Orange and Fennel, Zucchini Flower and Truffle.


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