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Tassimo Tassimo Tassimo November 10, 2009

Filed under: Consumer Goods — shinypackages @ 2:05 pm

tassimoHow do I love thee Tassimo? Let me count the ways: coffee, latte, hot chocolate and Earl Grey tea. About a year ago, I got my hands on a Tassimo hot beverage machine for the office. I must say I was reluctant to give up the old machine and Tim Hortons coffee. But it sure didn’t take long for me to convert.

For those who have never heard of a Tassimo, let me explain. Fill the reservoir with water, insert a disk of your choice and press the button. You cup fills with your selected beverage in a minute. There’s no coffee pot to wash out or flabby filter to cart to the garbage. And best of all, the coffee is damn good. I’m hooked on the Nabob Colombian and my business partner loves the Starbucks House Blend. We even bought Tassimos for four of our clients last Christmas.

I recently got a Tassimo for home and I swear it’s one of the things that entices me to crawl out of bed in the morning. I live to have tea in the evenings and the Tassimo is perfect for my cup of Earl Grey from Twinings. Our son loves the rich hot chocolate and insists he make it himself.

The newest model of Tassimo is called the T65 and it retails for about $250 (shown here). I have T45s and they are splendid. You might even be able to find one on a clearance rack at a rock bottom price.