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Let Your Plate Do The Talking November 12, 2009

Filed under: Consumer Goods — shinypackages @ 4:06 pm

4 - E-PlateI couldn’t help but think of my dad when I saw this plate holder. He’s the kind of guy who has programmed his car horn to play the Lone Ranger theme. I can only imagine what he might program into this scrolling message plate, you know, the one on his 1979 black Corvette with the t-tops, the one he restored and the one he and my mom cruise around in like a couple from American Graffiti.

It has a built-in memory that can hold up to five messages. Any message can be up to 250 characters. That’s almost twice the length of a Tweet! Go ahead, start thinking of all the clever messages you can create. The scrolling programmable message plate holder is from Shoppers Drug Mart and it sells for $34.99.


One Response to “Let Your Plate Do The Talking”

  1. Merv Says:

    DON’T TOUCH (my car that is)

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