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Look! Up on the Ceiling! November 25, 2009

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Clock Radio Time Projection

Fans of high end gadgets will be pleased to know that The Sharper Image, makers of ultra cool toys for big people, is bringing their products to a wider audience. Once only available online or through The Sharper Image storefronts, now the fun stuff is available at major retailers including The Bay and The Source.

This Projection Alarm Clock projects the digital time on the ceiling in large numbers that are easy to see when your eyes are a little blurry, but the image is soft enough that won’t interrupt your slumber.  In addition to great alarm features like AM/FM radio; dual alarms; touch snooze panels and automatic reset, the time projection has adjustable angles and three settings – HI/LOW/OFF. The radio also has touch controls which is kind of cool.

$69.99 at The Bay and The Source


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