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WIN! A $145 Basket of Goodies! January 30, 2010

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Wow! This is the way to kick off a contest. This basket is loaded with all kinds of things to make you forget it’s the dead of winter. Start your makeover right now with Clairol, Covergirl, Crest and more.

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner (red raspberry and satin extracts): Formulated with a high level of hydrators to help leave hair soft and manageable.  Infused with rich complex notes of jasmine petal and red orchid combined with the deep scent of cherry wood, berry, violet and plum leave every inch of hair smelling of decadent desserts and unfolding blossoms. $3.99 each

New! Natural Instincts Rich Color Crème: Natural Instincts is now the first hair colour that is clinically proven less damaging to hair. A new collection of 10 Rich Color Crème shades provide deeper colour results while remaining ammonia-free  and packed with antioxidants and vitamins C and E.  The new crème formula makes application more enjoyable, and it still processes in only 10 minutes. $11.49

COVERGIRL Smoky ShadowBlast: A two-step system for creating bold smoky eyes, this double-ended stick features shades expertly coordinated by Pat McGrath and two precision applicator tips – one for base, one for liner/crease – so you can easily apply, smudge and blend shadow. $8.99

COVERGIRL Outlast Lipstain: A virtually weightless stain that lasts for hours, with no heavy, sticky residue.  Water-based colorants infuse the top layer of lips while the alcohol-free formula with conditioners helps to soften and smooth lips.  The fine-tip marker applicator provides simple, precision application that can eliminate the need for lip liner. $9.99

COVERGIRL and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush: A first of its kind, anti-aging line of products that glides over fine lines and wrinkles, making them look less noticeable and providing flawless-looking skin. Formulated with Olay’s Regenerist serum that combines vitamins, skin conditioners and antioxidants for improved texture and appearance over time. $14.99

COVERGIRL Clean Pressed Powder Normal Skin: Helps keep shine away, Gives a fresh, natural, finished look; Skin feels soft and smooth with a clean finish; Pores are less visible; Can be worn alone or with a matching shade of Clean Liquid Makeup; Dermatologically tested, non-acnegenic $9.99

COVERGIRL LashBlast Luxe Mascara: Our best-selling COVERGIRL LashBlast mascara in blackest black and added a hint of luxurious shimmer in four captivating shades to help you rock out your big, bold, beautiful look …any time! Blast lashes to their biggest, boldest, and most beautiful shimmering look yet. $8.99

New! Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast Toothpaste: Outlast technology provides a cool, refreshing brushing experience for a fresh feeling that lasts up to five times longer. The formula, with gentle silica, helps polish away surface stains for a whiter smile. With regular brushing, provides trusted cavity protection and fights tartar. $2.99

Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal: Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal features Crest’s most advanced adhesion technology to deliver an enhanced tooth whitening experience with a stronger*, no slip fit and no mess.  Advanced adhesive technology holds the Whitestrip in place creating a temporary bond strong enough for people to drink water and go about their daily lives without interference. The enamel-safe whitening ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) removes surface stains and those below the tooth’s enamel. $49.99

Venus Embrace: Five curve-hugging blades are positioned closely together and spring mounted to create a shaving surface that adjusts to the natural contours and curves of a woman’s body, allowing the blade to sit flatter on the skin for a closer shave.  A Protective Ribbon of Moisture fully surrounds the shaving surface for a smooth glide.  Comes with a convenient ShowerPod. $15.99

Satin Care Floral Passion: Gives women satiny smooth skin with a rich and creamy lather tht provides a luxurious cushin to protect between the skin and the razor.  Provides up to 35% better razor glide for the perfect shave. $3.99


You can win this $145 prize pack. Simply become a Facebook fan of Shinypackages and you’re automatically entered to win.

Prize will be awarded on Tuesday morning, Feb. 2, 2010.



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About two years ago, I started using an electric toothbrush. This new-fangled device was something I always regarded as completely unnecessary. But after a few uses, I realized that an electric brush took the hard work out of the task and that’s always a good thing in my book.

But the real benefit showed up when I went for my cleaning (yes, yes every six months). The perky hygienist let me know that my pearly whites were in great shape and needed far less scrubbing and scraping that before. Woohoo!


Crest and Oral-B Resolve to Smile prize pack:

·        Oral-B Vitality Pro-White power brush
·        Crest Pro-Health paste
·        Crest Pro-Health rinse
·        Oral-B Satin floss
·        Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast paste
·        Stage’s 1-4 manual brushes
·        Stage’s 1-4 paste

VALUE: $75


You can win the Resolve to Smile pack. Simply become a Facebook fan of Shinypackages and you’re automatically entered to win. Http://

A winner will be announced Saturday, January 30. Good luck!



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As a product review columnist and blogger, I get lots of things to see, feel, hear, taste, read and try out. Lots and lots of things. Picking a standout in a sea of things is not an easy task. But I have found one and it’s called the Breastlight.

Here’s a reposting of my blog entry from last fall.

There have been some spectacular inventions in my time. Cellular telephones, shelf stable milk, DNA fingerprinting and the Internet. I count the Breastlight among them.

This handheld device really struck a chord when it landed on my desk. About three years ago, doctors found a nasty little lump in my mom’s breast. The next few months were the scariest our incredibly tight-knit family has ever experienced. Thanks to some excellent medical treatment and the unfaltering bravery of my mom (and her trusty sidekick—my dad), my mom is cancer-free and doing fine.

Needless to say, all the gals in my family are serious when it comes to breast health. We do self-exams and have mammograms. Breastlight is one more line of defense for us, and besides, it’s kinda fun to see your boob glow in the dark.

Here’s how it works. Go into a dark room. Turn on the Breastlight. The bright lights won’t kick in until you press the device against the underside of your breast. But when you do, you’ll see a maze of veins and dots against a red background. My husband walked into our room while I was testing the Breastlight and uttered only one word—JACK O’LANTERN!

Breastlight lets you get familiar with your breasts. A couple of weeks ago at the cottage, my mom, sister-in-law and I passed it around. It was amazing to see how difference our breasts where from each other. A large vein here, a series of small dots there.

If you see something that doesn’t look quite right, like a shadowy area, veins that are darker than the others or a dark pinpoint, make an appointment with your doctor. Keep in mind that Breastlight doesn’t get you off the hook for regular visits to the doc or mammograms, it’s simply another way for you to keep on top of things.

For more info visit

Breastlight is available from Rexall Pharma Plus for about $150.


You can win your very own Breastlight. Simply become a Facebook fan of Shinypackages and you’re automatically entered to win.

A winner will be announced Monday, January 25. Good luck!


That’s Amore! Valentine’s Day Giveaways! January 13, 2010

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Stay tuned for details.


Got Grey? Need a Cover Up? January 11, 2010

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Got just a bit of grey? This is a great way to cover it up. Natural Instincts is ammonia-free and helps condition hair while adding a boost of colour and shine. It lasts for about 28 washes and leaves no visible roots.
$9.99 – $11.49
At most major department and drug stores

Clairol’s Consulting Colourist Luis Pacheco tells us how to protect our locks from winter weather.

• The most important thing of all is to protect your hair from the elements as much as possible and invest in a good deep conditioner that you’ll use once a week. Never leave the house with wet hair in sub-zero temperatures and always cover your hair.

• Avoid harsh colourants like highlights and opt to enhance your natural beauty instead. Re-acquaint yourself with your natural colour—it’s what will suit you best!

• If you’re planning to go south for the winter, plan backwards to have your colour done just before you go away. Beware blondes with highlights and lowlites! Sun, sea salt and chlorine can cause lowlites to go brassy and damage freshly bleached highlights. Do only your roots before going away and you can do the rest when you get back.

• Between the cold and dry air, hair really takes a beating in the winter. Give your hair a rest over the winter months and opt for less damaging colouring choices such as a demi-permanent that are ammonia-free and contain antioxidants and vitamins.


A Beauty of a Dryer from Philips January 7, 2010

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Welcome to winter in Canada! As I write this, the temperature in Winnipeg is        -23C with a windchill of -34C. It makes for a dry, untamed, staticy head of hair. Keep those wool sweaters at bay and try to tame your tresses. Start with a good blowdryer. It’s kind of essential at this time of year. Having wet hair freeze to your head is neither healthy nor particularly attractive.

Like all Philips products, the SalonDry AC Lite is all about quality. It’s one of the lightest hair dryers available with a professional long lasting AC motor. The various speed and temperature settings will suit every hair type. The IonBreeze feature creates frizz free, shiny hair every time and the cold shot turbo boost feature sets any style effortlessly.


Visit for the retailers closest to you.