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As a product review columnist and blogger, I get lots of things to see, feel, hear, taste, read and try out. Lots and lots of things. Picking a standout in a sea of things is not an easy task. But I have found one and it’s called the Breastlight.

Here’s a reposting of my blog entry from last fall.

There have been some spectacular inventions in my time. Cellular telephones, shelf stable milk, DNA fingerprinting and the Internet. I count the Breastlight among them.

This handheld device really struck a chord when it landed on my desk. About three years ago, doctors found a nasty little lump in my mom’s breast. The next few months were the scariest our incredibly tight-knit family has ever experienced. Thanks to some excellent medical treatment and the unfaltering bravery of my mom (and her trusty sidekick—my dad), my mom is cancer-free and doing fine.

Needless to say, all the gals in my family are serious when it comes to breast health. We do self-exams and have mammograms. Breastlight is one more line of defense for us, and besides, it’s kinda fun to see your boob glow in the dark.

Here’s how it works. Go into a dark room. Turn on the Breastlight. The bright lights won’t kick in until you press the device against the underside of your breast. But when you do, you’ll see a maze of veins and dots against a red background. My husband walked into our room while I was testing the Breastlight and uttered only one word—JACK O’LANTERN!

Breastlight lets you get familiar with your breasts. A couple of weeks ago at the cottage, my mom, sister-in-law and I passed it around. It was amazing to see how difference our breasts where from each other. A large vein here, a series of small dots there.

If you see something that doesn’t look quite right, like a shadowy area, veins that are darker than the others or a dark pinpoint, make an appointment with your doctor. Keep in mind that Breastlight doesn’t get you off the hook for regular visits to the doc or mammograms, it’s simply another way for you to keep on top of things.

For more info visit

Breastlight is available from Rexall Pharma Plus for about $150.


You can win your very own Breastlight. Simply become a Facebook fan of Shinypackages and you’re automatically entered to win.

A winner will be announced Monday, January 25. Good luck!


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