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Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp. Has my pirate stepped over the weirdness line in the sand with his new role in Alice in Wonderland? Probably not. I suspect there’s more to come in his eye-colour changing, strange accent roles. But enough about Johnny. Let’s get to the jewels!

If you’re into the whole slightly-creepy but really cool vibe that is Alice in Wonderland, you’re going to be digging deep for some of these baubles. From Swarovski comes a line of jewelry that’s pretty but pricey. But don’t dilly dally! I hear many of these limited edition items are already sold out at Swarovski stores. You can also order at The necklace pictured here is the Red Queen Pendant Cards for $155.

Sparrow Pendant $130
Tea Party Pendant White Rabbit $160
Tea Party Pendant Tea Pot $160
Tea Party Pendant Cupcake $160
Tea Party Pendant Donut $130
Flower Garden Pendant $105
Flower Garden Ring $105
Flower Garden Necklace $440
Red Queen Pendant Heart $130
Red Queen Ring Heart $120
Red Queen Pendant Cards $155
Red Queen Pierced Earrings Cards $100
Red Queen Ring Cards $120
Round Hall Key Pendant $130
Mad Hatter Necklace $160
Mad Hatter Bracelet $150
Cheshire Cat Pendant $165