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In case you’ve been living under your duvet for the last six months, you know that diffusers are all the rage. Fruits & Passion presents its offering in this category.

The new diffuser, comprised of a delicate flower carved in birch wood coupled with an elegant rounded white vase will complement any room in the home while delicately scenting the air. For the spring season, the flower is available in a selection of three colours—coral, natural and plum—to harmonize with a variety of colour schemes or displayed collectively to create a bright and beautiful bouquet!

The “stem” of the diffuser acts as a natural flower, absorbing liquid from the bottom of the birch wood stem. The petals of the flower then become saturated with scented liquid – due to the wood’s natural porosity – and the sweet fragrance is then emitted into the air. The scented flower generates a gentle and continuous fragrant effect, just like a bouquet of flowers.

The wooden flower will emit its scent for six to eight weeks after soaking for 24 hours – the time it takes for the flower to absorb the scented liquid – and will then begin to diffuse it.

Decorative Diffuser Set $12

One ceramic vase

One wooden flower in plum, coral or natural


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