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A Shiny New ‘Cue May 22, 2009

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PC Eco GrillAfter I saw this spiffy new barbecue at Superstore, I began to harbour secret longings that my current barbecues (one at the lake and one at home) would die a quick death. Oh how I want one of these  PC Eco Gas Grills!

It has 42,000 BTUs, plenty for doing pretty much an job on the ‘cue. But what I love is the stylish green powder coated steel frame. There’s a reason why it’s green. This barbecue uses 30 per cent less fuel for the same BTU output as other models. That means you are less likely to run out of propane when you have 18 hungry people over for a barbecue (never happened to you, right?)

I have a feeling these are going to sell out fast so get yours soon.

$479.99 at Superstore and Loblaws


The Edible (and instant) Garden May 19, 2009

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PC EDIBLE GARDENI have a teeny, tiny garden out the back door of our house. It’s reserved for tomatoes and herbs. This year, however, I’m a little worried that our very late spring here on the Prairies is going to put a damper on my herb harvest. No worries though. I have a back-up plan.

That plan is something called PC Edible Gardens. These 12 inch designer pots are pre-planted with a selection of herbs that are ready to harvest right now and will keep your barbecue meals tasty until the snow flies (wow, do I hate to use the word snow at this tome of the year!)

Available in three combinations: Barbecue Favourites, Culinary Classics and Presto Pesto. Get ’em while they grow!

$24.99 at Superstore and Loblaws