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Wear Your Sunscreen (please) March 11, 2009

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Failing to use a facial moisturizer with sunscreen is a little like leaving your tender cedar tree out all winter without its protective burlap wrap. The thing is going to take a beating, dry out and parts of it might even die. Egad! So please hear me (someone who saw 40 several years ago) that sunscreen is really, really important. New to the market is Biore Dual Fusion with SPF 30. I like the fact that it’s an SPF 30—that will prevent at least four crow’s feet. The product comes out of two separate chambers, apparently to preserve the strength of both. One chamber is filled with minty green stuff and the other one is white. It’s silky, non-greasy and keepssp-dual-fusioe280a6er-spf-30 my face moisturized all day. I like it. About $20 at major department and drugstores