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Chocolate Every Day June 1, 2009

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Deliciously DarkMonday Confession: I need a little bit of chocolate every day. The butter compartment in our refrigerator is home to Mom’s treats. So is the lower shelf under the microwave. And the pantry shelf downstairs.

I always go for quality over quantity (more satisfaction and fewer calories, really). That’s why I was thrilled to try the new Cadbury Moments. Each box contains 8 individually-wrapped choco sticks. That’s just the right amount to give me my fix for the day (that’s a 70 calorie fix, by the way).

Each stick is wrapped in foil, making them fancy enough to set out on a dish for company (as if I would share). Take your pick from Chocolately Delight, Heavenly Praline or Delicious Dark (my fave).

$2.99 for a box of 8 at all major grocery and department stores.


Chocoholics Get Ready for a Big Weekend April 10, 2009

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In the name of product testing, I gave the milk chocolate version of these new treats from Nestle to my business partner John to try out with his family. He has two tween girls and as he says “I think they have special powers when it comes to chocolate. They can hear the cellophane being ripped off from two floors up.” John managed to snag one of the 10 chocolate-filled pillows in the pack. He said he didn’t particularly feel like having a chocolate at that moment (how silly) but knew he wouldn’t have a chance if he waited. The verdict? Smooth outer shell and creamy centre. Just the right combination. His only complaint? “There are only 10 in the box. There should be 20! Now I have to go out and find some more.”

Nestle Noir Mousse Delicate chocolates cost about $4 for the 100g box. You can find them at most department and drug stores. Still time to tuck a few boxes into my Easter basket.


your Weekend Treat: Green & Black’s Eggs April 9, 2009

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I went to a chocolate-making workshop in Canmore, Alberta a couple of years ago and the chocolatier was appalled that I liked my treats cold, as in right outta the fridge. He tried to convince me that the only way to enjoy the subtleties of chocolate was at room temperature. So in the interest of getting the most out of a mouthful, I tried this for a while. And then I went back to the fridge. For me, the snap of a chunk-o-chocolate right out of the crisper is where it’s at. And that’s the best way to indulge in these decadent eggs from organic chocolate makers, Green & Blacks.

The milk chocolate butterscotch mini eggs are new to the line up this year. They have little bits of butterscotch inside that snap when you bite into them. If your tastes range to the dark side, there are also dark chocolate mini eggs (also fantastic in the fridge). Go ahead, pretend to buy them for the kids. I won’t tell.

Get them at Shoppers Drug Mart for around $7.50 for the 110g bag.


It’s Sweet, It’s Salty, It’s Delish! March 13, 2009

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lindt-excellence280a6leur-de-selI have to admit that I was a little worried about what chocolate laced with a little salt might taste like. Then again, I was similarly skeptical about strawberries and balsamic vinegar which turned out to be dynamite. To get right to the point, a little salt wakes up your taste buds just before they receive a loving layer of deep and rich dark chocolate. It’s a sophisticated way to get your fix. And if you aren’t keen to try the fleur de sel, Lindt has lots of other dark chocolate specialties including Orange Intense and Chili. About $3.50 at most major grocery stores.