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The Edible (and instant) Garden May 19, 2009

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PC EDIBLE GARDENI have a teeny, tiny garden out the back door of our house. It’s reserved for tomatoes and herbs. This year, however, I’m a little worried that our very late spring here on the Prairies is going to put a damper on my herb harvest. No worries though. I have a back-up plan.

That plan is something called PC Edible Gardens. These 12 inch designer pots are pre-planted with a selection of herbs that are ready to harvest right now and will keep your barbecue meals tasty until the snow flies (wow, do I hate to use the word snow at this tome of the year!)

Available in three combinations: Barbecue Favourites, Culinary Classics and Presto Pesto. Get ’em while they grow!

$24.99 at Superstore and Loblaws