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The Joe Fresh Beauty Makeover (without PhotoShop) April 25, 2009

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Ta da! Here is the result of my makeover courtesy of Joe Fresh Beauty’s travelling roadshow ( First, let me say that I did not PhotoShop either of these images, although I really, really wanted to erase about 15 years of crow’s feet. What you see if what I really look like, with and without make-up.

The Makeup

As you know, Canada’s favourite brand recently launched a line of cosmetics called Joe Fresh Beauty. There are products for face, lips and eyes as well as tons of accessories. All the make-up, and you’re gonna love this part, costs between $4 and $8. Even in these challenging economic times (I hate that phrase), you can treat yourself to a new lip colour without feeling like you’ve tucked into the family grocery budget.

The Results

There are many, many things I liked about getting make-up applied by a professional. The most critical is that she knew what she was doing, and I don’t, but I did learn a few tricks. I liked the way the lightweight liquid foundation evened out my skin tone. I need some evening out after all those years suntanning with baby oil and facing the wind in a speeding fishing boat. I also learned that it’s very important to darken and define my eyebrows. It gives a frame to my face at the top end. Adding some colour to my lips provides a frame to the bottom end of my face.

How Did I Feel?

Confident! Ready to face the day! I have this recurring nightmare that I am stopped on the street by a television crew and asked to give my opinion, on camera, on the latest political landscape. At this point I shriek like I have been bitten by a northern pike and high-tail it like a deer on opening day. With my new make-up tricks in hand, I feel like I could face that camera and not shield my eyes when the 6 o’clock news came on.

Where to Get It

Look for Joe Fresh Beauty items in the health and beauty section of Superstore and Loblaws. You won’t find it in the Joe clothing section, although you will find some great new pieces, but I digress. I’ve cruised the Joe Fresh Beauty section a few times and found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They seem just as excited about the new cosmetics as everyone else is.

My Picks

If I had to buy only three Joe Fresh Beauty items, they would be: Silk eyeshadow ($4) , Blackberry tinted lip balm ($8) and Nude cheek tint ($4).


Joe Fresh Beauty: Flawless Face March 17, 2009

1-flawless-faceGet ready for it. Everyone’s favourite grocery store fashion brand has jumped the aisle into the cosmetics department. That’s right. Joe Fresh has moved into beauty. You’ll start seeing products for face, lips and eyes from Joe Fresh Beauty at the end of this month and  in keeping with what Joe has done for fashion, the quality is top notch and the prices rock bottom. Take for example the bronzer, $8, and the duo concealer, also $8. Single shade eye shadows start at $4. Time to give your make up bag a spring makeover! At Superstore and Loblaws.