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Mom’s Day: Trollbeads May 8, 2009

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brOCEANbluegreen_curvedIf you’re stuck for what to buy Mom for Mother’s Day (and her birthday and Christmas and Easter and every non-occasion when you really want to give her a little something for being downright wonderful), this is the answer. Trollbeads is a system of customizable jewellery. Start with a simple bracelet or necklace, then start adding the individual beads that come in silver, gold, stone, pearl, precious stone and glass. Each bead tells a story. For example, if mom has just learned to play the guitar, give her a music box bead. If she’s just returned from a trip to India, pick up the elephant bead.

A silver bracelet will cost about $42. Silver beads start at about $30. Glass beads cost about $40 each. At the top end of the scale, gold beads can cost around $400 each.

Go to the Canadian Website to see where Trollbeads are sold near you.


Mom’s Day: Fruits & Passion Fragrance Kit May 7, 2009

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fragrance-discovery-kitNot sure if mom is fruity or floral, spicy or sweet? No need to make the decision thanks to this fragrance discovery kit. Fruits & Passion has combined six of its most divine fragrances so mom can sample all and find the one she likes best. Here’s the fun part. The kit also includes a gift card. Mom can take the card to a Fruits & Passion boutique to exchange it for the regular size of her choice of eau de toilette.

The sample kit includes Blue, Green Tea, Orchid, Apple Illusion, Human, and Grapefruit-Guava fragrances.

$38 Fruits & Passion


Mom’s Day: Sally Hansen Treatment Pens May 6, 2009

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Fishing season starts in four days. What does this have to do with Mother’s Day. Lemme explain. When fishing season rolls around, my nails suffer the most (besides the fish, maybe). They bend and snap when I try to hook my lures onto those stubborn leaders. My cuticles get destroyed thanks to all that cold, hard water that I’m constantly dipping my hands into. Boats, winches, anchors and fileting knives are uncommonly nasty on nails.

That’s why I was so pleased when samples of Sally Hansen Quick Care Nail Treatment Pens landed on my desk. Perhaps this year I can ward off some of the carnage. They are pens and for me, handling a pen is a lot more natural than handling a nail polish brush. There’s a pen for strength, growth and even clean-up (wow, does that come in handy!). Plus there’s a little cuticle pen/tool that has a nice oily concoction that gets massaged in to less-than-lovely nails.

So if your mom is an angler, go out and get her a set of these pens. Heck, even if she’s not an angler, pick up a set and let her have a mini pedicure in between making lunches and filing year-end reports.

$9.95 per pen at all major retailers


Mom’s Day: KitchenAid Pink Toaster May 5, 2009

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pink_toasterYou’ve had a rotten sleep. You’re facing a long, long week of work. Your youngest is probably coming down with another ear infection. Things are looking pretty bleak. Then you walk into your kitchen, see you sparkling pink KitchenAid toaster and a smile breaks out across your face. How could you not smile when you see that cheery appliance?

So put this toaster in your list for Mom’s Day (even if, technically, it is an appliance and we know that’s a no-no in the gift department). The news gets even better. The toaster sells for $59.99 and $10 goes to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF). Maybe someone will use this handy gadget to make you breakfast in bed.

$59.99 at The Bay