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It’s a Matter of Quality Ingredients June 3, 2009

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I’d like to introduce you to Matter Company, a distinctly Canadian company that provides a line of premium natural skin care products that balance the needs of our urban lives with our North American connection to the outdoors. That’s right from the Website.

All Heal Salve reminds me a great deal of an ointment my Gego (that’s Ukrainian for grandfather) used to have by his bedside. I think it was made by Watkins. It was a cure from everything from a scraped knee to a runny nose. All Heal Salve from Matter is a sickly yellow hard paste that comes in a stylish silver tin. It smells fantastic!

the other night I cracked open the tin and applied a liberal coating to the cracked skin on my heels (already), some dry patches on my arms from a little too much sun and then coated my hands (because fishing is very, very hard on your hands).

It’s made with tea tree oil and lavender and promises protection from wear and tear of the elements while soothing and revitalizing irritated skin. All true.

Visit to find a list of stores in Canada where Matter products are sold or call 1 877 655-4372 and they will ship you what you need.

All Heal Salve $18