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Mom’s Day: Trollbeads May 8, 2009

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brOCEANbluegreen_curvedIf you’re stuck for what to buy Mom for Mother’s Day (and her birthday and Christmas and Easter and every non-occasion when you really want to give her a little something for being downright wonderful), this is the answer. Trollbeads is a system of customizable jewellery. Start with a simple bracelet or necklace, then start adding the individual beads that come in silver, gold, stone, pearl, precious stone and glass. Each bead tells a story. For example, if mom has just learned to play the guitar, give her a music box bead. If she’s just returned from a trip to India, pick up the elephant bead.

A silver bracelet will cost about $42. Silver beads start at about $30. Glass beads cost about $40 each. At the top end of the scale, gold beads can cost around $400 each.

Go to the Canadian Website to see where Trollbeads are sold near you.