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EARTH WEEK: Thermos insulated shopping bag April 21, 2009

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s81010cdnHow many reusable grocery bags do you own? Any number is a good number. But if you have a handful of small, flimsy and ugly bags, it may be time for an upgrade. I haven’t seen anything more fashionable and functional than this model from Thermos.

The entire bag is insulated and leak proof. There’s also a removable, insulated bag inside that doubles as a lunch bag. It can also keep the ice-cream from perishing until you get home from the grocery store. There’s a panel on the outside that holds bottles and 1-litre milk cartons as well as a handy-dandy little cardholder pocket for your shopping list, debit card or gift cards.

TIP: Please donate those not-so-good-looking grocery bags to your nearest Value Village, school or Sally Ann.

Price: $39.99 at London Drugs and several other major retailers.


Little Softies Goes Green March 31, 2009

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scotties-envirocare-jpeg-4We turn the calendar to April tomorrow and that means Earth Day is coming up (April 22). I suspect Earth Day 2009 will see more green products hit the market than ever before. Everyone seems to be getting the message that we should choose green whenever we can.

Next time facial tissues are on your shopping list, look for Scotties EnviroCare. It’s Canada’s first 100 per cent recycled premium tissue. I held up a single tissue and compared it with another premium brand. The colour and texture were nearly identical. Plus the new Scotties come in four pretty boxes. Apparently 75 per cent of shoppers are influenced by package design when buying facial tissues (oh, that blue one will look nice in the bathroom).

$1.25 to $1.69 per box


Go Green for St. Paddy’s Day March 12, 2009

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luck-of-the-iris1Of all the holidays on the calendar, St. Patty’s Day probably gets the least recognition as a gift-giving day. Let’s change all of that with a few well-chosen and highly appropriate selections:

1. Green Food Colouring: use it in everything from sugar cookies for the teacher to that keg of beer for the big day.

2. After Eight Mints: well, they aren’t really green, but when I think of green, I think of mint and I really like After Eights.

3. Luck of the Irish Bath Bomb from Lush: it will make your bath water slightly green as it releases the scents of lemongrass, bergamot and rosewood. Only $7.95 at Lush stores across Canada or