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The last time I had a make-up lesson, Duran Duran was hungry like the wolf and Prince was driving a little red corvette. Needless to say, I can use a little refresher course. The good folks at The Body Shop have come to my rescue with a step-by-step Webisode (I learned that new word today) featuring their new Roseflower Collection for spring.

The short video is hosted by Chase Aston, an international celebrity make-up artist with a delightful British accent that makes everything he says sound fabulous. The Roseflower Collection starts at $14 and includes eye colour, blush, lip shades and more.

TO WIN A $200 BASKET: Click on the link below (or paste it into your browser) to watch the video then drop me a short e-mail with the answer to this questions. Name one of Chase’s two ‘must-haves’ for spring make-up. Hint: He reveals his picks near the end of the video.

Send your answer to by Friday, March 13.



Soothe The Snack Monster March 4, 2009

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Check the clock. It’s time for your afternoon snack. You could go for the family sized Snickers bar but a better choice would be PC Blue Menu Ginger and Lemon Cookies. The box holds five packets each with nine or 10 loonie-size cookies. Perfect for sharing. Better all to yourself. The lemon flavour comes through on the first bite, followed by a little hit of ginger. Yummy. And here’s the best news. The whole packet has only 100 calories and four grams of fat. Really, sharing isn’t an option. About $2 at Superstores and Loblaws.


Go For The Glow

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I’ve just returned from Mexico with a lovely sunkissed tan. However, it’s going to be a stretch of at least 10 weeks before any additional kind of tanning happens in this neck of the woods. My solution is Jergens Foaming Daily Moisturizer. This self tanner goes on easily, dries super fast and doesn’t have that yucky smell sometimes associated with products in this category. I love it. It helps fight the dreaded tan fade and keeps my skin moisturized through this home stretch of winter. About $10 at grocjng_sheer_foamingmed_tan300ery and drug stores


Go Wild For Cherry March 3, 2009

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It’s being hailed as the new superfruit—cherry! The new line from The Body Shop includes moisturizing wild cherry oil, squeezed from cherry stones that are hand-harvested on small family farms in the historic hills of Verona, Italy. Like most Body Shop offerings, the line is preservative-free and features an irresistible fragrance. Yes, they taste good enough to eat but it’s probably best if you use them on the outside of your body. The Wild Cherry Body Scrub has tiny seeds in it. I didn’t know cherries had such things, but it does the trick in terms of leaving your skin feeling smooth and fragrant. Starting at $4 for the soap at The Body Shopwild-cherry-range


Please Pass the Singles

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Around our house, McCain Deep’n’Delicious cakes rule. The big question is whether we crack open the velvety chocolate or creamy vanilla flavour. Sometimes the temptation of eating those few remaining chunks is more than I can resist. SINGLES to the rescue! They come six in a pack and can stay frozen until supper is over. McCain’s has also added a few cheesecakes to the Singles line. And just between you and me, if you have more than one Single, I won’t tell. Abut $3.69 at the grocery store.cake


Air Fresher Extraordinaire

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Times have changed a lot since the days when the best thing we could do to improve indoor air was to race around the house will a can of way-too-smelly stuff. The days, the diffuser is all the rage and the folks at Fruits & Passion have come up with a winner. The kit comes with a chunky glass vase, bamboo sticks for diffusing and a bottle of home perfume, as they call it. The scent is a gentle bamboo hibiscus mix that won’t send you scurrying for an open window. Like all Fruits & Passion stuff, the packaging is almost more impressive than the product. The sturdy box is decorated inside and out with images of the star fragrances. At $48, this kit makes the perfect gift when you’re invited over for that lavish dinner party. $48 at Fruits & Passiondeco-epb


Bare Naked Legs February 17, 2009

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The other day I was wearing coulottes and boots. All was well when I was standing up, rather fetching actually. The problem surfaced when I sat down. Either the pants were too short, the boots too low or the legs too long, but at least two inches of my bare legs were exposed (no, I wasn’t wearing tights, that would have been far too much work). Of course this wouldn’t have been a problem if it were summer and my bean-brown legs were all supple from lotions and potions. Not so in the winter. Time for some help. The Venus Spa Breeze is the newest version of the 2-in-1 razor with built in shave gel bars (thank goodness) and a soothing white tea scent. About $10 for the two pack.venus-spa-breeze


Dreaming of Garden Tomatoes February 13, 2009

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I think there should be a wintertime law against those tasteless, textureless orbs they call tomatoes in the supermarket. In no way do they resemble those heavenly bursts of flavour we get from our own gardens or the farmers’ markets in late August. Oh how I dream of garden tomatoes. Do a little dreaming of your own with inspiration from a lovely book called The Heirloom Tomato by Amy Goldman. The photography is top drawer and the recipes will certainly whet your appetite for a late summer harvest. About $38 at all major bookstoresheirloomtoms.


Free Love Messages February 12, 2009

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I feel euphoric in your arms. When you’re gone, I ache for the moment that you will return. I dream of your kisses, for the memory of your lips is never far from my mind. Feed my temptation and tantalize me once more.

Whoa! somebody turn down the heat! This is just one example of the steamy messages you can send your lover (or lovers) on Valentine’s Day, courtesy of your friends at Taco Bell .Yes, I said Taco Bell. Here’s how it works. Visit and select your steamy setting then choose a video message, text, love letter or voicemail. Taco Bell has partnered with daytime soap writer Marina Alburger to create spicy, over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day greetings. The voicemails are delivered by a sexy Latin lover voice (male or female). Tons of fun and cheaper than dinner.taco-bell-logo


Joe For Spring February 11, 2009

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I like to proclaim that I’m the world’s most enthusiastic fan of Joe Fresh Style. I’m starting to think this isn’t so because EVERYONE I talk to is the world’s most enthusiastic fan of Joe Fresh Style. In case you don’t live in a place with a Loblaws or Superstore, let me explain that Joe Fresh Style is the inhouse clothing line of these grocery stores. Yes, clothing in grocery stores. And not just necessities like socks and t-shirts. Joe Fresh Style gives us clothes for work and working out as well as threads for guys and duds for little ones. It’s up-to-the-minute stuff and the prices are shocking—shockingly low, that it. Here’s a little teaser of the spring fashions to come. This ultra hip dress will make dressing up a snap. Pick up one now and wear it over tights. $49 at Superstores and Loblawsdress