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Creamy, Garlicky, Yum March 11, 2009

Eat more salads! Why not. Spring is coming and it’s probably a good idea to drop that extra bit of insulation that kept you so warm through the winter. If you’re a fan of Caesar salads, you know that the refrigerated dressings really are tops for delivering maximum flavour and creaminess. They are also off the charts when it comes to calories and fats. Renee’s, queen of the refrigerated dressings, has a new line called Wellness that’s a little easier on the waistline. And the Roasted Garlic Caesar offering is fabulous. The line also includes Peppercorn Ranch, Cucumber & Dill and two vinaigrettesdressing. About $5 for the 270ml bottle. Look for it in the refrigerated dressing section of the grocery store.